About Us...

The Juan J's Story.   

Our History and Our Values.

The Juan J's story is about a creative Mexican immigrant family working hard and becoming successful.  As proud, new Americans, we were excited about all the opportunities around us.  We saw an opportunity in our community; people missed the familiar flavors of home.  We decided to answer the call and we began to home-cook the things we missed the most; rich and creamy rice puddings and sweet, delicious flans that we sold from a small push-cart.

People loved our products, and as customers requested additional items, we added them to our line.  Soon, we'd outgrown our home kitchen and had to move into our first production plant in Los Angeles.  One thing we'll never outgrow though is our commitment to our Mexican heritage and to bringing you naturally delicious products.  We still use the original family recipes that won us a following.  We never cut corners!

Today, you'll find Juan J's products in grocery stores and convenience stores across America!



Recently,  our founder and CEO, Juan Jimenez, was featured by Univision on a  Los Angeles news program.

You can watch the Univision interview with Mr. Jimenez and learn more about our company by clicking on the photo to the left of this text.