Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently asked questions

Will I get guidance on where and how to start, when I buy the ULTIMATE FAT LOSS BOOK FOR WOMEN?

Yes, Coach Cindy will schedule a call with you, to guide you at the start of your 12 weeks journey and at the end of your 12 weeks transformation. You can also email her at during the 12 weeks, when you have questions.

Is this just another "fad" diet, where I will lose fat and gain it all back?

Absolutely NOT!! Everything I teach is Evedince based, which means, I am critical of information and I am always researching to educate women. I will educate you on the concept of a Calorie Deficit and Flexible Dieting, which takes the guilt out of eating, equipping you to not only lose fat but also the knowledge to keep progressing forward on your fitness journey.

Can you help me if I am on a Vegetarian diet?

Yes, I will not give you a meal plan, but I will teach you how to fit your lifestyle into your Calorie Defitcit. I also include a list of Vegetarian Protein options.

When I become your Online Coaching client, will I have videos to see how to perform my training programs, and how often do I get new programs?

Yes, I will connect you to an app, where you and I will have access to your Nutrition progress, as well as that your Training programs coupled with videos to refer back to, when you are unsure about a movement. I will access your progress, and you will get new programs every month. I program for the gym, home and Crossfit.

I am already training at a Crossfit box, can you help me with my Nutrition only.

Yes, I have many clients that are already training at a Crossfit box, which I guide them in performace nutrition, fat loss and muscle gain.



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